1. Avoid overcrowding during check-in / check-out and distance keeping.
  2. Check in from 3.00pm & amp; check out 11.00 am . This change is made to ensure that between different customers the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as there is adequate natural ventilation of the space.
  3. No entry for non-residents.
  4. Improper cleaning of rooms during accommodation to avoid workers with a possible case and further transmission.
  5. Abolition of daily change of clothing and towels.
  6. Installation of used fabrics and towels in special closed bags that will be provided by the hotel staff to the customer.
  7. Keeping distances in all areas of the hotel and frequent hand disinfection by special antiseptics that will be available in common areas.
  8. When packing drinks in the bar, only packaged individual drinks are provided.
  9. The maximum total number of people entering the pool must be 1 person per 5m2 of water surface.
  10. Stop air conditioning when doors are open.